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Art Curator & Artrepreneur Coach


Artist Statement

"I am a young artist with an old soul. Every painting and every idea encompasses
nostalgia. All of my inspiration comes from real world experience.
Each artwork seeks to go beyond realism and capture the essence of the subject. I
model my style after master painters such as Alma-Tadema, historical and
prehistoric paintings, portraits, major murals, and sculptures."

Creativity Takes Courage

Any work is the projection of an artist's experiences in life. Born and raised in Haryana, Tanvi Rathore is a very down to earth young artist with an old soul who captures the essence of the subject and goes beyond what is visible on the surface level. She is a contemporary abstract painter with a distinctive style, creating works she calls exotic versions of heaven - Nature in a
meditative way and Poetry inspired paintings. Her insightfulness is a boon to the organization as well because it oils the working of it and makes the working process smooth and effortless. She counsel students, art lovers, budding artists and provide them with a platform to emphasize their strengths and styles. Her artworks speak about the Mysteries of the universe and nature.
"Almost an incantation, and then bringing it into the material world,"
Her expertise covers a wide variety of mediums, including oil, Acrylics, Watercolour and Mixed Media. While she works with inventive techniques and materials, she consistently uses archival methods to create works that are made to last. That, not all she is also brilliantly talented at capturing moments in her lenses.

She is not just the director of the organization, she is the element that gives you the boost to get things done. An inspiration herself.

Art of Selling Art

We believe in training our artists who want to convert their passion into a profitable
full-time business to be able to earn money out of it.
We believe in the application of business management techniques and procedures
to the realm of art. It entails managing the day-to-day operations of private and
public art organizations. As a result, our mission is to not only provide you with
creative techniques, but also to enable and empower you to use them to their full

AboutThe Journey

Tanvee Rathore is an award-winning artist and a curator of art who creates psychedelic art, both conceptual and abstract. She is one of the very few mandala
artists who teaches mandala sacred dance with the belief in spreading the healing power of art to one and all. Her paintbrush is her tool with which she paints poetry on the canvas in a manner that exudes vibrancy, optimism, and magnificence that is inspiring for her students and art lovers. She has excelled at using Old Master painting techniques and has developed her own unique style that is enhanced by her sensitivity to her subjects and keen attention to detail. She plays and lovingly fondles historical and prehistoric paintings, murals, sculptures, and covers a wide variety of mediums, including oil, acrylics, watercolour, and mixed
media. While she works with inventive techniques and materials, she consistently uses archival methods to create works that are loved forever.A state award winner, she is the Founder and Director of IPArts Academy, who studied art with the best in Calcutta and Haryana. She participated in and organiz

The Art of Giving Back

Tanvee Rathore believes in spreading the magic of art and giving back to society, and has received recognition and certificates for her social responsibility. She was even awarded for her dedicated work throughout the pandemic by various NGOs.She has been feeding stray animals that portray her sensitive and poetic nature.
Since 2007, she has run an art gallery that exhibits new and budding artists and features various experiences for them.
"My Paint brush is a channel through which I Pour out my soul on to a Canvas. To me art is not a day job or career, but it is a life style"
My Creations
2021: Healy Trainer 2021
2021: PHD-History of Art
2020: Diploma in Art Therapy & Mindfulness at Oxford College Of Art & Therapies
2018: Diploma in Mandala & Sacred Geometry from CECAT - College for Education and Clinical Therapy
2018: Masters In Fine Arts
2003: Textile & Painting -One Year Diploma from HAU (Haryana Agriculture University)
2004: Master in Insurance Business.
2007 to 2010: J.J. School of Sanskriti, Gurgaon
2012 : IPA (Institute of Performing Arts)
State Award from Government of Haryana Industries & Commerce Department in 2008.
Prominent Women Facilitation Award in 2019
Certification of Dedication in Social Service in 2020
Work Experience:
Project Under Textile ministry in Mural & Sculptures.
Custom Artwork for Hotels and Guest House.
Special Wall Murals for Corporate Office.
Done 15 Group Shows
Past Series
I capture nature in a series of my paintings. Focused on different styles. Major Murals & Sculpture for State and Textile Ministry Project in Delhi.
Created Work Series on Poens Of Habba Khatoon
Work Series - Poems on Dances with the Cranes By Major Gen. GD Bakshi
Group or Individual Sessions
Reiki Classes
Mandala Art & Dance
Art Therapy & Mindfulness
Founder Souul Serrum
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Building No - 3611, Sector-57, Near HDFC School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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